AfroCentric Broad Based Economic Empowerment

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AfroCentric Health is currently rated a Level 2 contributor to B-BBEE and a value-added supplier.

Our clients are therefore entitled to procurement recognition of 150% when purchasing products and services from the Group.

Procurement activities are overseen by AfroCentric Health’s Procurement Committee, which is responsible for presenting contracts to third party service providers. The policy applies where third parties are required to carry out services and activities on behalf of the Group.

The Procurement Committee evaluates presentations against specific criteria (including B-BBEE status) and appoints a service provider to deliver the required service. There must be a written contract in place to govern the terms and standards of the supplied services via a Service Level Agreement. This agreement will include the rights, obligations, responsibilities and expectations of both parties involved.

Service Level Agreements will be in place for a maximum of two years, after which the contract will be referred back to the Procurement Committee for re-evaluation.